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Metro is a decentralized platform for a thriving gaming community that supports multiple games and apps based on the blockchain.

Metro Token Contract Address

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Partners & Listings

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We are looking forward to the exchange market listing.

The specified date can be 2 months before or after.



Token Distribution


Project Roadmap

The roadmap focuses on the development of the technology, operations infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.

Phase 1

Project Concept

The Crypto Group is established. Start of the Metro concept. Platform Launch Team Assembled. RSA Security system integrated.

Phase 2

Published Whitepaper

Website design

Metro Network Android launch

Our Whitepaper is released to our investors, clients and beta users Smart contracts and Metro Token created

Phase 3

Mobile App Release

Metro Mobile App is released and its avilable in iOS and Android devices.

Phase 4

Metro Game & Stake Release

Metro staking will be live

Metro Multiplayer Crypto Game

Phase 5

Market & Dex

Metro Network DEX Listing

Marketing Campaigns on all platforms

Major CEX Listings


Have questions about Metro cryptocurrency and Mining? We got answers. Take a look at this!

What is Metro Token?

Metro Token is a Polygon-based token that allows users to mine via smartphones, thus giving users the privilege to earn cryptocurrencies. Users have a chance to earn more coins by inviting their friends while mining.

What is Metro Token Contract Address?

Contract Address is a system that allows you to withdraw your Metro to your wallet.

You can reach the Polygon Smart Chain Contract Address by clicking the link: 0x4f68280d1A670a2059EEa58576b013618668340b

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