Metro Network is a Polygon-based token that allows users to mine via smartphones, thus giving users the privilege to earn cryptocurrencies. Users have a chance to earn more coins by inviting their friends while mining.
Contract Address is a system that allows you to withdraw your Metro to your wallet.
You can reach the Polygon Smart Chain Contract Address by clicking the link:
When your Metro balance reaches the specified limit, you can withdraw it to ERC-20 (the wallet you created on the Polygon Smart Chain Network)
Please do not save the wallet address you created on any exchange. Add decentralized wallet addresses like Metamask, TrustWallet.
No, you don't have to pay anything, all you have to do is join Metro Network and earn money. But that doesn't mean Metro is free. Regular activities of users help distribute the Metro accumulated in the pool.

Contributing to the community requires consistent dedication, and you may receive the Metro award as a result. The first thing you need to do is log in daily and activate the "Start" button. With this, you can help us increase our network and earn more Metro Tokens by inviting your friends.
You only need to log in at least once in 24 hours and press the "Start" button and wait only 30 seconds. On the server side, Metro Token will continue to earn for you. Then, if you want, you can close the application and continue to earn Metro Tokens.